Discover how Latitude's insurance works

By Katherine Houston

Insurance can seem like a mystery to some, but how does it work for Latitude's optional credit card insurance? We'll admit, credit card insurance isn't the most exciting conversation topic...yawn... however, once you understand how ours works, you may think otherwise. There are many ways you can benefit from credit card insurance and we think ours is pretty special, especially with our Price Protection feature.

With our credit card insurance in your back pocket, it could mean you don't always have to wait for something to go on sale. Have you ever seen something in the shops cheaper and just wished you hadn't bought it already? It's like food envy, but price envy. Maybe you've bought yourself some new sunglasses, spending $400 in-store. Then, three months later, the same pair go on sale for $250 in a different store. Devastating!

Whether your eligible purchase goes on sale, or you simply find it for a lower price at another Australian retailer, you could claim some money back on your purchase with Price Protection - part of Latitude's optional credit card insurance. You could spot the lower price the next day or even up to 12 months later - so if you purchase our insurance, keep your eyes peeled for price drops! This means, when you buy your new sunnies with your Latitude Gem Visa card and you've purchased our credit card insurance, you could claim back the price difference if you see it for a cheaper price^. How good is that?

Also, remember if you had bought those sunnies with your Latitude Infinity Rewards card, you could also earn rewards points for your purchase. Rewards points and money back? Winning!

Like most insurances, there are some things not covered. For example, we don't cover food, jewellery, plane tickets, or concert tickets, and some lower prices for instance price matching, wholesale prices or auctions (a full list of items, situations and lower prices not covered is in the Product Disclosure Statement). However, we do cover a large variety of items. For example, shoes, bags, clothes, electronics (like mobile phones, laptops and tablets), furniture, appliances and toys are just some of the items we cover.

Now that you know more about our insurance, you're bound to see some scenarios where credit card insurance can benefit you. Not to mention, Price Protection is just one of the features of our credit card insurance.

You can purchase Latitude credit card insurance for your Latitude Infinity Rewards card, Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard, Gem Visa and GO Mastercard - so why wait? Find out more about how Latitude credit card insurance can benefit you today. Click here or visit your credit card page to find more information.

^Like most insurance products, terms, conditions and annual limits apply. Read the PDS for full details.

Any advice on this website is general advice and may not be right for you. It does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

This insurance is issued by Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478 and Hallmark Life Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 87 008 446 884 AFSL 243469. Hallmark General and Hallmark Life are part of the Latitude group. Hallmark General is a subscriber to the General Insurance Code of Practice. Click here to access a copy of the Code. Hallmark Life is a subscriber to the Life Insurance Code of Practice. Click here to access a copy of the Code.

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