Christmas Gift Ideas: 7 trends of 2018

Between price-slashing events like Click Frenzy and Black Friday, and the introduction of shopping features to Instagram earlier this year, surging online shopping stats have become something of a festive phenomenon. But which gifts are emerging as the internet's best buys for Christmas 2018?

  1. Classic board games

    Best bet for: Your family or friendship group

    According to data from eBay, sales of traditional board games, like Monopoly and Uno, have skyrocketed by 147 per cent over the last three years. So if you think some healthy competition would round out the festive celebrations quite nicely, pick up a couple of the classics for some group stocking fillers. Hot tip: Monopoly themes include everything from Game of Thrones to National Parks, so you can always pick an edition to satisfy your collective passions.

  2. Musical instruments

    Best bet for: The creative and curious

    The release of the John Lewis Christmas advert has become a Christmas tradition second only to snags on the barbie. And the 2018 edition - 'The Boy & The Piano', which premiered 15 November - has already sparked a 600% increase in searches for the ad. Telling the story of Elton John's career, and how it all started with a Christmas piano, musical instruments look set to be a hot buy for 2018.

  3. DIY decorations

    Best bet for: Kris Kringle

    Forget your luxury decs, this year we'll be taking things back to basics if Pinterest's trend predictions are anything to go by. Makeshift and upcycled ornaments are reportedly growing in popularity and make great gifts for kids' teachers or work colleagues if you're on a bit of a budget. Similarly, handcrafted advent calendars are also experiencing an international boom, after demand for their luxury counterparts reached fever-pitch back in 2017.

  4. Recoup some of your losses

    So you've got your budget and you're sticking to it, but what if you desperately need a bit of extra pocket money?

    And that doesn't mean charging uncle Pete $150 to stay over. But if you're hosting your share of Christmas events, don't be afraid to cash in some of that goodwill to a dinner or two at your friends and family's houses down the line.

  5. Start saving for next year

    If you're really feeling the pinch this year, it might be a good to look ahead to next year. You might have some re-gifts in storage, but what about savings? Once you've managed this year's budget, you'll have a pretty good idea of how much to keep in the bank for next year.

    So at the end of December, total up what you've spent on Christmas supplies, then divide that number by 11. You now know how much to put away each month, so your balance is ready for when the festivities kick off next year.

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