6 things to consider when travelling on short notice


Celebrities always step off the plane looking cool and relaxed. It's no wonder, given they sit in first class, have assistants attending to their every need and never have to pack their own luggage! Pack smarter with our great tips and you can be a superstar traveller too.

1. Get rolling

Rolling your clothes takes up less space than folding and packing them flat. Rolling also lets you easily see everything in your case, without having to sift through endless layers.

2. Double up

Shampoo and shower gel are basically the same; so only take one of them with you. Better yet, use hotel freebies and pack sample sizes whenever possible. Just think of all the room you're making for shopping and souvenirs!

3. Ditch your dryer

Most hotels provide hair dryers, so leave yours at home. The same goes for plugs and adaptors: hotels often provide them or offer USB charging points in your room.

4. Rinse and reuse

Invest in a couple of ultralight, easy-to-wash outfits that you can wash and dry overnight in your hotel bathroom. Rule out anything that needs dry cleaning or special care.

5. Wrap it

Throw in a cotton sarong - yes, even you blokes. Sarongs are lighter and quicker to dry than bulky beach towels. Plus they're versatile - they work as a sunshade, wrap or skirt and are a great way to avoid prying eyes when wriggling out of those wet swimmers.

6. Wear your heaviest shoes

Shoes are often the heaviest item in your bag, so wear your bulkiest pair and take as few as possible in your luggage. Go for comfort over fashion: strappy flats are perfect for sightseeing and going out at night.

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