Credit Card Authority
Service Agreement

Effective as at 27 November 2020

The meaning of words printed in italics are explained in 8 below.

1. Debiting your account

By submitting a Credit Card Authority, you have authorised us to arrange for funds to be debited from your card. The Credit Card Authority and this Agreement set out the terms of the arrangement between us and you.
We will only arrange for funds to be debited from your card as authorised in the Credit Card Authority. If a debit payment is due on a day where there is no corresponding day in the relevant month then the debit payment will be made on the last day of that month. If you are unsure about which day your card has or will be debited, you should ask your financial institution.
You acknowledge that we will apply any refunds due to you to your card.

2. Changes by us

We may vary any details of this Agreement or the Credit Card Authority at any time (including cancelling it) by giving you at least fourteen (14) days written notice.

3. Changes by you

You may request to alter the Credit Card Authority, at any time by giving us at least 3 business days notice.

4. Your Obligations

4.1 It is your responsibility to:

ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available on your card to allow a debit payment to be made in accordance with the Credit Card Authority; and
provide an alternative debit or credit card if your card expires or is cancelled.

4.2 If there are insufficient clear funds on your card to meet a debit payment:
you may be charged a fee and/or interest by your financial institution;
you may also incur fees or charges imposed or incurred by us; and
you must arrange for the debit payment to be made by another method or arrange for sufficient clear funds to be on your card by an agreed time so that we can process the debit payment.

You should check your card statement to verify that the amounts debited are correct.

5. Dispute

If you believe that there has been an error in debiting your card, you should notify us immediately. Alternatively, you can contact your financial institution for assistance.
We will investigate and deal promptly and in good faith with any such query, claim or complaint. If your query, claim or complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction when you contact us, we will inform you at that time of the length of time which we estimate the investigation will take.
If we conclude as a result of our investigations that your card has been incorrectly debited, we will arrange within a reasonable time with your financial institution to adjust your card (including interest and charges) accordingly. We will also notify you of the adjustment either orally or in writing.
If we conclude as a result of our investigations that your card has not been incorrectly debited, we will respond to your query by providing you with reasons and any evidence for this finding in writing.

6. Accounts

6.1 You should:

ensure that your card details which you have provided to us are correct by checking them; and
check with your financial institution if you are uncertain about any of the above matters before completing the Credit Card Authority.

7. Confidentiality

We will keep any information (including your card details) in your Credit Card Authority confidential. We will make reasonable efforts to keep any such information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.
7.2 We will only disclose information that we have about you:
to the extent specifically required or authorised by law; or
for the purposes of this Agreement (including disclosing information in connection with any query or claim); or
with your implied or express consent.

8. Definitions


means this Credit Card Authority Service Agreement between you and us.

business day

means a day other than a Saturday or a Sunday or a public holiday listed throughout Australia.


means the debit or credit card account held at your financial institution from which we are authorised to arrange for funds to be debited.

debit payment

means a particular transaction where a debit is made.

Credit Card Authority

means the written, verbal or online request between us and you to debit funds from your card.

us, we or our

means Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478.


means the person(s) who authorised the Credit Card Authority.

your financial institution

means the financial institution where you hold the card that you have authorised us to debit.

Please keep this information for your own records.

You can contact us on 1800 800 230.

Hallmark General Insurance Company Ltd. ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478 (trading as Latitude Insurance).