Cybercrime Update

22 March 2023

Latitude Financial today provides an update on the cyber-attack on its systems.

Latitude is committed to keeping our customers, partners, employees and the broader community as up to date as possible as we respond to this attack.

We are continuing our forensic review to determine the full extent of the attack on Latitude and the amount of personal information stolen by the attacker.

While to the best of our knowledge no compromised data has left Latitude’s systems since Thursday 16 March 2023, regrettably our review has uncovered further evidence of large-scale information theft affecting customers (past and present) and applicants across Australia and New Zealand.

Our people are working urgently to identify the total number of customers and applicants affected and the type of personal information that has been stolen.

We appreciate how frustrating this latest development will be for our customers and we unreservedly apologise.

We will provide a further update once we have determined the full extent of the theft and we will contact all additional customers and applicants affected as soon as we can.

Our focus remains firmly on containing this attack, progressing our forensic review of the actions taken by the attacker and restoring operational capability gradually over the coming days.

Our dedicated contact centre for affected customers is now operational.

Media contact

Mark Gardy
+61 412 376 817

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