Kate Malone

Transition and Transformation Director

Kate Malone

Kate Malone is the Transition and Transformation Director for Latitude Financial Services (formerly GE Capital A&NZ ) and also the Women’s Network leader for Australia and New Zealand.

Kate, who is originally from the UK, started with GE in 2003 where she served in a variety of roles within finance before joining corporate audit staff for three years. Kate had the opportunity to travel around the world and audit GE businesses in a number of locations including France, Sweden, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Korea, Spain and the US.

After corporate audit staff, Kate took a role as Operational Controller in GE Capital before moving into the FP&A leader role in 2011, and more recently (Feb 2013) moving into risk as the Chief Operating Officer. In this role Kate is responsible for ensuring compliance to ALLL (Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses), stress testing, model validation and streamlining risk processes.

As leader of the Women’s Network, Kate is also extremely passionate about supporting diversity across the region.