Jo Mikleus

Chief Risk Officer

Jo Mikleus

Jo is a growth focused and customer orientated C-Suite executive with over 25 years' experience in business and financial services globally. This has given her the opportunity to successfully lead people through business cycles, technology, social and regulatory change.

Having led a diverse range of large businesses at ANZ, been CEO of fast-growing tech scale-up at RUBIX, and now Chief Risk Officer at Latitude, Jo has demonstrated strengths and skills in; driving growth, improving shareholder value (in public, private and PE-backed companies), risk and governance, strategy development, stakeholder management, organisational and cultural change; and business innovation. She consistently outperforms by cleverly integrating data analytics and machine learning (AI) with business strategy, to achieve strong commercial outcomes.

Jo is a keen supporter of entrepreneurialism, growth, disruptive innovation, business leadership, global expansion, customer and employee experience, as well as culture, inclusion, diversity, and wellbeing.

She is known for being positive, principled and passionate.